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Faculty/Staff Directory

We are a group of teachers, "techies", poets, scientists, writers, artists, and athletes who are passionate about our belief that all students can succeed.

Our work is informed by up-to-date research and always driven by the needs of our students. The Academy’s team is tenacious in their service to students and families, celebrating our accomplishments and responding to community loss, setbacks, and challenges as strident partners.  Our team reflects the community we serve, and is enlightened in our understanding of the relevance of race, gender, and culture in both our day-to-day work, and wider community.  As noble mentors, and truthful collaborators, we strive to bring out the best in our families and ourselves.  Our true strength lies within the diverse ethnic and cultural identities of our team.  Through our leadership, students and families are exposed to new traditions and experiences, broadening our community’s horizons.

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General Contacts
Head of School's Office (609) 643-0400
Irma Rivera Center/Advocacy (609) 643-0428
Academic Programs (609) 643-0409
Admissions (609) 643-0423
Athletics (609) 643-0425
Health & Wellness (609) 643-0387

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Faculty and Staff Directory

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Sakeenah Allen

Titles: Senior Director of Child and Family Wellness
Departments: Management, Health and Wellness

Tracey Ames

Titles: Primary School Lead Teacher
Departments: Instructional

David Armitage

Titles: Security and Transportaion Lead
Departments: Security, Transportation

Byron Avila

Titles: Director of Technology & Information
Departments: Management, Information Technology

Reem Bichara

Titles: Associate Director of Admissions
Departments: IRC/Admissions

Ganae Brandon

Titles: Family Success Specialist
Departments: IRC/Admissions