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Mission & Values

Our Mission

Our purpose is to empower extraordinary young people to grow "From Potential to Achievement” by addressing the systemic educational and other barriers that have historically held back children from marginalized communities. We prepare students to succeed in highly selective independent schools, which in turn provides them with rigorous academic development and access to a vast array of experiences, resources, and networks. We believe these educational opportunities enable our graduates to succeed in their own right, effect positive change, and become leaders in and beyond their communities.

Our Values

Every child has the potential to achieve

CSA firmly believes that every student is capable of extraordinary things, though success may look different for each student. We support a diversity of learning styles and value many kinds of intelligences. CSA staff and faculty go above and beyond to support each and every student, to ensure that achievement is within reach.


CSA is but one part of the infrastructure that enables a child to achieve. This support system also includes families, caregivers, friends, and community organizations, all of whom CSA views as key partners. Our faculty and staff actively work to sustain these partnerships, particularly those with parents, guardians, and children’s caregivers, whose meaningful lived experiences bring critical insights and contributions to our school community.  


The systemic challenges that CSA seeks to address are profound, and the context in which the school operates is a dynamic one. CSA believes therefore, that experimentation, reflection, and improvement are powerful tools when supporting students.


CSA’s work centers on the dismantling of systemic barriers caused by the intersections of race, class, immigration status, and other elements of identity. We aim to create an environment that addresses and mitigates these pressures while also enabling students to navigate these systems in the outside world by respecting their voice and lifting up their sense of agency. Every facet of the school is imbued with an ethos of social justice, including the curriculum and how faculty and staff work together in community.