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Our Founder


Christina Seix, a native of New York City and a resident of New Jersey since 2004, is the founder of Christina Seix Academy.

Christina's mother, Irma Rivera, was born in Puerto Rico and came to the US at the age of 23. Christina grew up in a family with limited resources. Over time, she came to realize that their tiny 5th-floor walk-up apartment was “rich” in vital elements: unconditional love, consistent and valuable communication, an emphasis on learning, a strong ‘can-do attitude, home-cooked ethnic meals, a clear set of rules, and a relentless work ethic. Despite numerous challenges, Christina’s home was profoundly infused with important core values.

Christina attended Fordham University and received a BA in Mathematics in 1972. She was awarded a fellowship to continue her study of Mathematics at the State University of NY at Stony Brook, where she completed an MA in 1973.  In 2008, the President and Trustees of Fordham University bestowed an Honorary Doctorate degree on Christina, for exemplifying the dual-core Jesuit values of intellectual achievement and service to the less fortunate.

Christina began her career in 1973, with an entry level position at a New York City insurance company. Over time, Christina developed a highly successful career. By the age of 36, she became Chairman and CEO of Mackay-Shields, an established New York City investment management firm. At 41, she founded her own company in New Jersey, Seix Investment Advisors. The firm grew to become one of the leading investment managers in the financial industry. In 2004, she sold it to SunTrust Banks in Atlanta. The proceeds from the sale enabled the realization of Christina’s life-long dream - - the founding of Christina Seix Academy (CSA), an independent school for underserved kids.

Christina is blessed with a wonderful family – a loyal and supportive husband of over 30 years, and a bright and dedicated daughter. She deeply believes that having one enlightened adult in a child’s life during their formative years is an essential component of academic, career, and life success. In setting forth the core values of the Academy, Christina aims to capture the important teachings from her youth. 

Christina's goal is to graduate resilient, self-motivated, highly prepared young adults who will realize their full potential.