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Early Childhood

We expect all of our students to be advanced readers and enjoy advanced mathematics skills and confidence by the end of 3rd grade. Our curriculum in the early years emphasizes the mastery of numbers and letters, but what distinguishes our instructional program from others is its attention to the development of curiosity and self-regulation.


Our choice to use the “Tools of the Mind” Pre-K curriculum reflects this interest. Intentional play anchors our early grade curriculum and creates conditions in which young children are able to think in imaginative ways, and use sophisticated mental functions.

Day in a Life of a PreK Student

Meet Enzo! He starts his day arriving at the classroom by 9:00 AM. He is greeted by his teachers, gets unpacked and starts his morning routine.

9:15 AM

Nutritious breakfast provided by the dining team. 

9:30 AM

Opening group including; calendar math, movement and mindfulness. 

10:00 AM

Tools of the Mind literacy activities.
11:00 AM Gross motor skills to play outside with his peers. 
12:00 PM Healthy lunch provided.
12:30 PM Nap time
1:30 PM Wake up time 
1:45 PM

Snack choice

2:00 PM Story lab and writing skills practice. 
2:30 PM Math or Science concepts
2:45 PM Closing procedures
3:00 PM Goodbye and dismissal