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High School Placement

Our high school placement program aims to support students and families in being academically, socially, and culturally, prepared to enter and thrive at a high school that fits the uniqueness of each individual student.  The program begins in sixth grade, as an introduction to the program and an exploration of the high school placement process.  Students are paired with older student mentors, and begin to  discover their own unique interests, abilities, and goals.  Students also begin to research high schools, with an emphasis on their missions and culture.


The second and third year of high school placement focuses on refining personal values and goals for the high school application process. Students create a ranking of high schools that they have visited and researched.  They also begin to learn how to navigate the application process through mock interviews, writing prompts and deep reflection and research. 

Family partnership is at the heart of the placement process; families engage in-depth reflection around their values and what is important as they consider a new community for their child. Families are also supported through the financial aid process and meet periodically with our Associate Director of Tuition and Financial Aid Advisor, in addition to engaging in financial aid workshops.  This program, its process, and our commitment to alumni support reflects our dedication to our students and families, so that they continue to thrive beyond graduation. 

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