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At Christina Seix Academy, we believe that academic objectives are equally as important as helping families develop strong community networks, resources, and, when necessary, urgent support. We strive to offer an array of services that allow families to amplify their understanding of their civic rights, mental and physical health practices, social opportunities, and collective voice as they advance their child’s academic journey.  

Our advocacy offices serve as information hubs that help families find a relevant array of resources related to health care, employment opportunities, housing, immigration rights, and high school advancement, to name a few.  Expert practitioners with relevant personal experiences and a vocational commitment lead each area of work.

We firmly believe that children cannot be educated in isolation from their family and community.  Academic success at CSA requires a broad set of social and emotional supports that strengthen each families’ ability to navigate complex circumstances, recognize and celebrate accomplishments, and enjoy the benefits of a close-knit community of partners.  

Family Center (IRC)

We believe that parents are essential partners for us to achieve our collective goals. We see our parents through an asset based lens; they are resourceful and resilient.

Health and Wellness

We know students are more likely to succeed when they’re physically healthy, well-fed and happy, and therefore must be treated through a holistic approach. We also understand the role social determinants play in our community staying well.

Graduate Success

Partnership through the Graduate Fund & Network will ensure that our students and their families remain focused on their passions, and not the necessities.