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Health and Wellness

We know students are more likely to succeed when they’re physically healthy, well-fed and happy, and therefore must be treated through a holistic approach.

We understand the role social determinants play in our community staying well. Our emphasis on preventive care, nutrition, physical wellness and emotional wellness- as well as partnerships with our Irma Rivera Center and other local organizations- allow us to serve our students and their families in a way that is more effective than diagnostic care alone. 


Physical Wellness Services & Advocacy

In addition to traditional on-site preventative wellness screenings, the Academy’s Health & Wellness team works tirelessly as advocates for our families and children.  Members of the Health & Wellness team aid families in selecting physicians and specialists and coordinate transportation to appointments and pharmacies. The department’s Director also assists families in navigating the regulatory aspects of healthcare and health insurance.  This multifaceted approach to wellness, allows us to be certain that all members of our community are receiving the care they need.


Nutritional Wellness 

Our Culinary and Nutrition teams work together weekly to design a seasonal menu of snacks and meals that is nutritionally balanced and culturally diverse. Research has shown that being exposed to fresh fruits and vegetables at a young age leads to healthier eating habits as an adult. The team works hard to grow our students’ culinary identity, and through our “Taste Test Tuesday” program, students are introduced to new foods and ingredients on a weekly basis. Our  Academy Chef sources ingredients from local farms and area fishermen, allowing our students to gain a true understanding of where their food comes from.


Select grades in the Primary and Middle School receive specialized nutrition courses through our partnerships with local organizations, which include hands-on cooking classes.

Physical Wellness 

Physical wellness at the Academy is a cornerstone of our curriculum. Primary School students participate in a physical education program that incorporates movement and athletics on a weekly basis.  Each Middle School student partakes in team sports, including: strength training, basketball, lacrosse, crew, fencing, and soccer-  giving all of our students the opportunity to be three-season athletes.  Additionally, boarding students are offered the opportunity to partake in physical activity during their evening programming.

Emotional Wellness

Building resilience is a core value of the Academy’s counseling department.   Students and families are provided opportunities to develop and practice the social and emotional learning skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship building, and responsible decision making; all of which are evidence-based competencies that help strengthen our ability to overcome life’s challenges.  Students have access to individual, small groups, as well as classroom skill-building sessions; while families have access to community partners and resources who offer high-quality integrative services as needed. 

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