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Christina Seix Academy Athletics inspires the development of strong competitors while instilling intangible qualities of leadership and commitment. Each student has the opportunity to reach their highest level of commitment through leadership development, character building, and a growth mindset.

Christina Seix Academy offers a wide variety of offerings suitable for every child. Our students begin showcasing their athletic capabilities as early as Pre-K3 into Kindergarten through movement and physical education classes. Upon entering 1st-grade, and throughout 4th-grade, CSA students are presented with a more formalized development routine - practicing 2-3 times a week. Students are also afforded the autonomy to choose the athletic offering of their choice. In Middle School, students enjoy formal competitive experiences with local independent schools and have the opportunity to gain seasonal leadership roles.


Our state of the art facilities house two full sized multi-sport and multi-purpose gymnasiums, as well as a multi-sport field.  Our Field House is home to our Lower School teams as well as our on-campus strength conditioning studio.  The studio is equipped with cardio, weight machines and free weights.

The Athletics and Performing Arts Center houses a full-size basketball court that seats over 150 comfortably. The building is also home to a full-size and two junior high school sized tennis courts, as well as a modernized dance studio that is customized with full audio capability.  





Christina Seix Academy Field House

Our Partners 

At CSA we value the role our partners play in providing our students with exposure. When connecting with a partner, we look for collaborators that mirror our mission and vision to advance the students' well being and create well-rounded students. Partners offer CSA students added perspective into a range of sports and physical activities as well as opportunities to compete against talent through the community. Our students gain valuable insight into their specific sport, connections to other coaches and mentors.

Our Offerings 

Students rotate co-curricular offerings Monday through Friday, alternating from athletic offering to creativity & design offering. This allows for well-rounded skill development in our students, exposing them to a wide range of activities.