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Technology & Innovation


We firmly believe that technology is best used to amplify our teaching and learning goals.  In this sense, we have a focus on ensuring that tech tools support students’ ability to gain competencies that are relevant in digital and non-digital spaces.  At the core of our educational competencies is the belief in habits of the mind, and so we extend this practice to our technology education, teaching our students to be safe and diligent digital citizens. 

Technology is strategically integrated into our classrooms to enhance teaching and learning.  We understand that seamless integration is when students/faculty have access to the right tools that match their task at hand and to provide them the opportunity to build a deeper understanding of the concept or the content. Our faculty with the help and support of our IT team make this effective integration with the curriculum possible and ensure access to up to date right information/facts, variety of ways to collect and record date, ways to collaborate with the right experts, all the learners (including auditory/visual learners) are included in our learning system, and opportunities to express themselves in the best possible ways.



In Alignment with our social justice mission, our goal is to significantly expand technology access to our students and families.