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Career Discussion with Dr. Phil Corlett

Dr. Phil Corlett is a neuroscientist at Yale University. Trained at the University of Cambridge in the UK, he loves thinking about brains and how we make up our minds. He hopes to help people better understand themselves. Our discussion with Dr. Corlett took place on August 8, 2022. Alum entering the 10th grade participated in the discussion.

As our 10th graders start to think about college and beyond, we found value in them connecting with professionals and learning about different careers. With that in mind, our career discussions this summer were designed to expose our 10th graders to a variety of professionals working in various fields. Through this experience, alum could open themselves to different possibilities and begin networking. Dr. Corlett spoke about his college and doctoral program. He had students participate in activities that challenged them to think differently and understand how the brain works. He also explained his interest in helping people, especially those with schizophrenia, suffer less from their illness.

We can't thank Dr. Corlett enough for sharing his story with us! You can learn more about Dr. Corlett and his work here:

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