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The Basketball Project – Demonstration Versus Simulation

Dr. Idris Stovall, Founder of Mathematical Sciences Institute (MSI) and nationally known mathematician, conducted a weeklong math intensive with our rising high school sophomores! He demonstrates through a series of equations, diagrams, and a projectile launcher how a clean basketball jump shot is much more than just a "flick of the wrist"! Six alum from the Class of 2021 participated in this one week intensive course during the Seix Alum Summer Institute (August 8 - August 12). The Basketball Project is an applied mathematics project that utilizes a model from the physics relevant to the shooting of a basketball (projectile motion) to the mathematics of parabolas, and affords an educational opportunity to develop tools that empower students the ability to explore, compare, and contrast simulations versus demonstrations. The project is rooted in learning STEM content that has natural ties to literacy in terms of vocabulary and comprehension. Dr. Stovall has worked with university students, faculty, and staff from the Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics departments to develop the Basketball Project’s curriculum. We are thankful to have had him on site this summer to work with our rising 10th graders. 

If you would like to learn more about Dr. Stovall and MSI, please visit!

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