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From Potential To Achievement


Our purpose is to empower extraordinary young people to grow "From Potential to Achievement” by addressing the systemic educational and other barriers that have historically held back children from marginalized communities. We prepare students to succeed in highly selective independent schools, which in turn provide them with rigorous academic development and access to a vast array of experiences, resources, and networks. We believe these educational opportunities enable our graduates to succeed in their own right, effect positive change, and become leaders in and beyond their communities.

Program Highlights

High School Placement

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Our High School Placement program centers parent & student voice & values in the process.

Irma Rivera Family Center

We see our parents through an asset based lens; they are resourceful, resilient and aspirational.

Technology & Innovation

Our program seeks provides best-in-class experiences to enhance lifelong learning.

Health & Wellness Center

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We know students are more likely to succeed when they’re physically healthy, well-fed and happy.

Academic Program

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Our program is designed to prepare students for private high school by strengthening their academic and social confidence.

Residential Life

Boarding students enjoy a safe collegiate environment that provides access to enrichment programs. 


All students can succeed in a place where they feel known and cared about. We believe that each child’s cultural complexity and lived experiences add value to who they are as a student and as an individual. We understand intelligence is multidimensional and experiential, and that students are more likely to learn when they find something interesting. By engaging our students through independent and self-driven inquiry, we strengthen their sense of agency, and help them develop confidence in their own voices as agents of change in their communities and the wider world.

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Community Partnerships


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Athletic Offerings

What We Value



CSA’s work centers on the dismantling of systemic barriers caused by the intersections of race, class, immigration status, and other axes of identity.

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Parent Partnership

We believe that parents are essential partners for us to achieve our collective goals. We pride ourselves in meeting families where they are and harnessing the strengths and resources of our parents to develop relationships.


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Parent Partnership: Child & Family Wellness

Based on the the Dual Capacity-Building Framework For Family-School Partnerships by the researcher Dr. Karen Mapp, the Academy employs a dual generation strategy in support of our families, by providing parental access to an on-campus Adult Center focused on helping parents with educational, advocacy, and employment-related goals, as well as a Health and Wellness Center which helps families with a range of medical, nutritional, and exercise-related interest. On most evenings, our campus is alive with activity as families take advantage of a range of opportunities including pro-bono legal support, event planning, parent ambassador meetings, family book clubs, academic enrichment activities, STEAM labs, and health-related seminars and activities. 

The health and resource challenges play a major role in shaping underserved students’ wellness and the ability to learn. So it is equally important to understand how our students are progressing from health, resource stability and academic standpoints.   

Our Health and Wellness and Irma Rivera Centers were established with these goals in mind.  Both centers are currently led by experienced advocates and health professionals. Our staff provides students and family support across an array of non-traditional service areas including medical visits, physical exams, resource and legal consultations, home visits, and support with navigating confusing bureaucracies.   In addition, both offices partner with a range of local organizations including Capital Health, Horizon NJ Health, Homefront, and Women’s Space.



A'zir '21

We believe students are more likely to succeed when they are part of a healthy community that values all they have to offer. This foundation propels our students to be productive, problem-solving leaders with a wide range of aptitudes and limitless potential. 

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A shared commitment to innovation anchors our goal to prepare students for a life of courageous service, creative problem-solving, and wellness. 

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